Principal Message

‘Innovation is the best motivation’

In technology based learning era, We are committed to provide the educatees a launching pad to evolve globally . We believe in quality education, fostering Creativity, spontaneous thinking and development of moral and ethical values to fulfill the needs of bright young minds . Now –a-days the aim of education simultaneously reflects the need for development of values. Our values and attitude are a major influence on our prospect of achieving a sustainable future, We are determined to polish essential skills Viz. problem solving, Cognitive, motor , leadership, interpersonal and soft skills of the pupils. Education plays a vital role in the physical , intellectual, spiritual , moral, emotional and social growth of an individual . We are of the opinion that Education means to bring out the best from a student. It should be practical and innovative . Being the head of institution, I want all the educatees to be good at academics, Co- Curricular activities and sports. Because we strive to emphasize all- round development of learners. I would like to conclude by stating that success comes to those who work smartly and stays with those who don’t’ rest on the laurels of the past.

Jaiveer Singh Ruhil